Double Shot

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Double Shot

I thought some of the VOR fans might be interested in this interview with a couple of Il Mostro’s young guns. It took too long to transcrobe to be up to date enough for front page – the day job got in the way. Hope you enjoy

Shanghai Sailor

Shannon Falcone, from the Carribean and who also sails with BMW Oracle so is only able to do selected legs and Michi Mueller, described by Ken Read before the race as a tough, young, quiet, wild card selection. Certainly during the interview it was Shannon who did most of the talking, but when it came to the racing these guys were focussed on only one hing – boat speed.

On to the interview

SS: now the last leg, people have been saying it is the toughest leg ever but it was a bit of a sprint. You are now about to head off on the longest leg. Which one do you think is going to be the toughest one, the long troll through the southern ocean or the one you have just been on?

SF: Well, in my respect, the fact that I am not doing the next one I have to say the last one will be the toughest but Michi might have a different answer

MM: I think probably the proper answer will be after we arrive there after the long leg but the last leg was pretty tough compared to the first bit of Southern Ocean sailing we did from Capetown to the Gate

SS: So the last leg was tougher than the Southern Ocean? Read on.