Good Move?


Good Move?

We received this the other day and it looks like the J/24 class is joining the modern world! Anybody think adding some updated sail technology to these clunkers will make any difference?

The International J/24 Class is pleased to announce rule changes for the upcoming year.

After many years of limitations on sail cloth, the Class has approved the use of woven and/or laminated ply material of either polyester, HMPE or aramid fibers in the construction of Class genoas. Aramid fibers for the use in the construction of class genoas. The rules change will go into effect on March 1, 2009 and will be in effect for the upcoming 2009 World Championships in Annapolis, Maryland.

The rule change has created quite a buzz in the Class and among sail makers. Sail makers serving the Class have spent the last 5 months doing extensive sail testing and development to incorporate the more modern materials. Not in the past 15 years has so much effort and attention been paid to the sail plan on the J/24. Most sail makers are very excited about the possibilities with the new materials.

The goal of the change is to provide more options to sail makers and Class members, and to create a sail which will hold its design shape over a wider wind range for a longer period of time.

Among other rule changes or modifications include a change to the cabin interior and the approval of a third interior layout option.

The Class looks forward to continuing to develop the J/24 and to maintain its position as one of the greatest one designs of all time.

For more information on the rule changes and modifications, visit www.j24class.org.
For more information, contact Lorne Chapman, Int’l Technical Committee Chair at [email protected]