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Anarchist jfunk is on the verge of winning the Aussie 505 Champs…

Day 4 of the Living Colour International 505 Australian Championships were a bit milder for the competitors. 8-12kn. There were still some swells about in the heads and there was still plenty of chop on the top. It was also the first day we saw a bit of sun.

Race 5 saw some big shifts, particularly off the start. A big move to the right and the chief beneficiary was the gate boat. Adrian Finglas and Sam Heritage came off their gate boat duties with a huge lead. I didn’t think anyone would get near them, but then I didn’t realise Carter Jackson and Dave Page had a, “lets go super fast button”. They just blew us all away and zoomed up to Aids and Sam. These two were never to be seen again. Carter and Dave managed the win. We were in the chasing pack, with Mal Higgins and Camel (Nick Johnson) and the two young tyro boats. Our boys Nick Deussen and Jonno Bannister and Torvay Mirsky and Kyle Langford. It was a great battle, with Nick and Jonno getting us by millimetres, Torvay and Kyle a foot behind, Mal and Camel another half a boat length and then Michael Quirk and Simon Reffold and Earle Alexander and Ian Gregg within another half a boat length and then another whole bunch within seconds, as they all came up with pressure.

Race 6 was more of the same, a nice shifty first beat with lots of different pressure lines. Torvay and Kyle lead from us at the top mark the first time. We took them downhill and set off with a little gap. Unfortunately, the attachment point for my trapeze adjustment broke and I ended up in the drink. I managed to grab something on the way down and held onto the boat. Jumping back in we quickly jury rigged a replacement and got going again. By this stage Torvay and Kyle were away and Quirk and Reffold and Carter and Dave had us. By the last run, we had Carter and Dave and we got Quirk and Reffold at the line, in a very tight late gybe.

Three races remain. The best 7 to count. My mantra through this regatta has been, “just 7 good races, just 6 good races, just 5 good races…….”. Now we need just one good race with three to go. Today is going to be sunny, so probably less wind unless we get a seabreeze.

There are some pretty exhausted bodies floating around. This regatta has been very demanding and I think everyone is looking forward to the end. As an aside, I was looking around the boat park the other day and taking in the sailors present. Obviously, a few legends like former World Champs Tom Woods, and Greg Gardiner sailing with the great Wally Hewson. Carter Jackson former 18 guru and class stalwart, sailing with Dave Page former top 3 in the World, being occasionally coached by Olympic gold medallist Malcolm Page. Adrian Finglas, Australian Olympic coach and former National champion. Michael Quirk, multiple National champ on his home waters. Rob Douglass Tasar World Champ and Shane Guanaria, current Tasar National Champ, (beating Rob into second). Plus Malcolm Higgins multiple national champion in a range of different classes including the recent Sharpie Nationals with a perfect score and of course Torvay, who is the No 4 ranked match racer in the World. That’s just off the top of my head, there are many more. Results here.