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Looking Good…

The View from Commonwealth Bank – Hawaii 5 0

Day 3 of the Living Colour International 505 Australian Championships started out under grey clouds like every other day. Does it ever stop raining here? The pressure was down a little, but still a bit of swell around, so again we were inside the harbour. Wind direction was still South East, probably around 10-12kn, with range from 5-18kn.

n the first race Finglas and Heritage were first out the gate, hooked a leftie and powered over the top of the fleet and rounded the top mark in first. We managed to get into the second spot, just in front of a bunch of boats. From there it was follow the leader, the boys were looking the goods. We were under pressure from Carter Jackson and Dave Page, who had popped out of the bunch behind. At the top mark for the last time, we had closed to 50m on Aids and Sam and had a similar gap to Carter and Dave. The last run saw each of us throw everything at the other. I was exhausted. On the last gybe, we rolled inside Aids and Sam with a quick gybe, they had a problem and we got our nose in front. We managed to hang on to the finish, with Aids and Sam second and Carter and Dave third. Talking to Sam after the race, he described how he was on the point of vomiting, from working so hard, coming into the last gybe. He was devastated we got past them.

he second race was more of the same conditions. We had a good start but were lead by Torvay and Kyle at the top mark. They gybed off to the unfavoured side and we hit the bottom mark with a 30 second gap from a large group lead by Kevin Cameron and Matt Bowden. A bunch went right and a bunch went left. We positioned ourselves in the middle, so we could cover each side. Unfortunately the wind knocked hard right, a good 30 degrees and we got hammered. We went onto the reaches back in 9th or 10th. Kev and Matt had hung furtherest right and took a big lead around the top mark from Torvay and Kyle and then a whole bunch of boats. This the order they finished in with Michael Quirk and Simon Reffold climbing out of the bunch for third. We managed to pull back up to fourth.

tough day. Today it’s all about rain. I have no idea what the wind is doing, but it’s going to be wet. Results are up here. jfunk.

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