Mega Success?


Mega Success?

The first Louis Vuitton Pacific Series was, by all accounts, a big hit with those lucky enough to get there. They saw it as a mega, must be repeated success, but some US America’s Cup fans were pretty pissed off with the fact that – radio apart – live coverage was confined to New Zealand. Anarchist Wet Hog put it like this “I think it did what it set out to do. Get teams back on the water, but the teams can just as easily buy a boat and go Med Cup Racing as an example. IMO, I can’t see this taking hold and being held annually. Then again I couldn’t really follow it. Maybe if an LVAS is held in Newport I’ll change my mind, but until then my thoughts on the LVPS…….."Ah, ok".  Anarchist Rusel Koots was even more blunt “How in the year 2009 that I cant get race video of the LVPS????????? I cant get the live stream because I don’t live in NZ. Its called promoting the sport people!!!!! Get a fucking clue!”

We’d love to see the America’s Cup back where it really belongs – in America – but, failing that, we wouldn’t mind if it went “home” to NZ, except for that coverage, or lack of. Maybe international TV stations weren’t in the market for this event, but there were websites that would have streamed live video from the water, had the required infrastructure existed. There’s no problem doing that for the Sydney Hobart, so why can’t it be done in Auckland? Maybe because, as one Ozzie put it, tapping a laptop that was sloooooowly uploading a large video “Time difference is 3 hours and 20 years.”  NZ AC anarchists need to start campaigning for a modern internet infrastructure. There’s a ton of AC players who would love to see the AmCup back in NZ, but not whilst the place is so isolated, not just in real world terms, but in the virtual world.

In the meantime, enjoy this final round of superb pix from Stefano Gattini who, if you hadn’t already guessed it, is Carlo Borlenghi’s assistant. Lotsa talent in that ofice!