36 Double B


36 Double B

We really like the look of the new Bakewell-White 36 Al Fresco, so we asked Bakewell-White to give us a little write up. We particularly love his comments on IRC. Maybe if more designers had that perspective, just drew nice fast boats, and didn’t sweat some bullshit rule we’d be better off. Here ya go.

This design was developed for a repeat client who has started out with a cruiser/racer, and then graduated to one of our Foundation 36 One Designs (as used for the Monsoon Cup match racing) and now to a Grand Prix style carbon race yacht – largely because his family are less interested in sailing than he had planned and so the powerboat is used by family and the race yacht is for his own enjoyment. His next step will be a used TP52 for offshore racing.

This new carbon 36 is intended for twilight racing on sheltered water but it was necessary from a re-sale perspective that the boat be offshore Cat1 capable. The principal request from the client was for speed, the fastest 36ft offshore racing yacht possible, with twin wheels – yes you smart pricks I know that would be a multihull, but he wanted a conventional yacht that could race IRC. On that subject, we discussed IRC as this is the principal rating system used in his area, however he really wanted a mini TP52 style boat that is light, fast and fun – this is not what you get from an optimized IRC 36, you get a big fat whale of boredom. So the boat is rated IRC but the objective is fun and if he happens to have a good day and get a good IRC result then he will celebrate, otherwise, who cares?