Alinghi reminds me of the little popped collar pink polo wearing gems you sailed against in college. Mummy and Daddy send pounds of dough to make sure you have the best coach and rig. The coach spends as much time on teaching you how to bend and shake the rules as he does on sailing technique. And there are always 3 lawyers on call at the time.

Just a bunch of punks. Are they bending every rule they can lay their hands on? You bet. Is it legal? Yep, pretty much. Do they give a rats ass about their image in the sailing community? Apparently not. Do they have an ounce of ‘give back’ for the sport. Nope, not one.

The arguments that have gone on in this board since July of 2007 and in the press have wandered in a narrow range = the legal innuendo’s, the apparent ‘bias’ of this board, the glass half full/half empty.

I had been in fact one of those peoplem–maybe they good, maybe they bad. They are smart and tactical and playing it hard.

In SPADES I now know where or if the glass is half empty or full.

Like the guy with his p.o.s. 4 knot shitbox, that has paid 80 gajillion dollars to North for sails, and brought on ‘pros’, then argued for hours on end in front of the PHRF board to get his rating lowered, and who files a protest whenever the wind shifts 50 degrees, there’s a stink about the attitude.

It smells like ass. Old man in a subway too close at rush hour ASS. Fucking wanker ASS, and frankly ‘can’t win on the water’ ASS.

They do absolutely nothing to promote sailing as a sport and spend an inordinate amount of time being polo shirt wearing pop collared punks just to get their way.

I’ll leave it to the Alinghi apologists’s to say they are within their rights, but would like to ask, at what point of being within your rights do you care how you tramp on others around you, at what point do you set a line on your own actions as being for the sport or just for yourself. At what point do you man up and realize that the future of the AC depends on your good and inclusive actions as defender and cup holder? Or do you just frump away in the background as they have done this entire regatta and keep pulling your spoiler shit?

And fundamentally at what point, as the holders of the cup, do you realize that IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT YOU. I guess if your only measure as to how to properly behave and be responsible is to simply say, well "the NYYC did, why shouldn’t we?" then you can pretty well expect that folk won’t like you. and you will live alone with one hand on the cup and the other hand jacking off…. ALONE

I’m disgusted by these guys. I have no dog in the hunt of the outcome. I just like sailing and the AC. These guys have seriously stank up the room. – Krispy Kreme, from a thread in our infamous forums.