Weight a Minute!

Reader Rant

Weight a Minute!

Standing in a good friends living room last night I was dumbfounded as she recounted her trials and tribulations to "make weight’ at Key West Race Week this year in the Melges 24 class. Karen, who is tall and quite slender at let’s say- 5’7" and 109lbs had been instructed to lose five pounds. I almost lost it- I mean, from where?

"We all agreed to loose five pounds to make weight," recalled Karen. And you agreed to that?

Now also on the boat was another good friend who at 5’10" and nearly 200 lbs has always had a little extra baggage (maybe a lot,) so that seemed fair. The skipper and owner is not exactly a health fanatic and his well over 200lb frame is far from being on muscle overload. For these two gentlemen to lose five pounds- or ten is quite reasonable- and attainable- given a little time. So here in lies the question- when you are pushing your belt around that size 42 waist how in gods name can you look at a crew member half your size and expect them to "lose" the same amount of weight as you? Beyond being basically unhealthy, for anyone to shed more than about 3% of their mass can get quite dangerous. Especially when folks go into dehydration mode when they figure out no one reached their "goal." So looky here porkers- you are the ones pushing maximum density, so stop telling the scarecrows to loose hay.