Ocean Racing


On Monday, February 9 at 12 pm GMT, the crew of Avel (Francis and Patrick Van Eetvelde Bevernaege) climbed aboard the First 31.7 Xenon after being asked by the race director of the Transquadra Race. They found that the skipper of Xenon, Hautbois Jean-Marc, was not on board.

They just found a harness to half-mast and a shoe dropped on the forward deck. Xenon was sailing under genoa alone, with a broken boom and the main sail lowered.
Jean-Marc Hautbois, 55, a physical education teacher in Gap (Hautes Alpes), participated in the Transquadra (race for solo and double crews reserved for sailors of over 40 years of age). He left on January 24 from Porto Santo (Madeira) heading for Cape Le Marin on Martinique.

On 7th of February, Mico Bolo, Race Director of the Transquadra, found via the Argos system that the boat of Jean-Marc Hautbois had suddenly changed course and speed, 760 miles east of Martinique. The skipper of the boat Xenon had previously announced to the organizers his intention to climb the mast. The race director said that Jean-Marc has been missing since, until the crew of the sailboat Avel discovered this morning the vessel without any occupant.