The Win

The Win

As you read in Ice Machine, Matt Struble just won the 2009 DN Worlds. Here is a little inside look into his win from Matt, courtesy of Gretchen Dorian.

"This afternoon, I was behind starting line at "1" & "2" positions for Race 7 today, the final deciding race, for this regatta. But in order to understand all this, you need to know a little about "how you start" an Ice Boat Race! It’s a Grand Prix start. All boats are on the starting line with sails up.. The fleet is spaced out along this line. Starting from the middle of the line and outwards. All boats left of center, face out, starting on a starboard tack. All boats right of center, face out, start on a "port" tack." Got that?

So if you are the top qualifier, you have position "1",. This is right of center, on port tack. If you are position "2", you are left of center, starboard tack. Continue this pattern, alternating, till you have 50 DN’ iceboats on this line…all spaced about 18 ft apart, maybe more. Matt Struble, US 83, position 1, is on the right.
Ron Sherry, US 44, also a multi-time DN World Champion, is position 2, on the left (it’s duking out time!)

The PRO addresses the fleet, from the windward side of line . When he drops the flag, the race starts. All start running, pushing their boats and then jumping in. It was a great start and an even greater finish for Matt Struble.