More Keel Trouble


More Keel Trouble

UPDATE: Safran has now lost its keel.  He is continuing towards Les Sables fully ballasted. More as we get it.

It seems that Sam Davies’ quest for third place could be on again. This morning at 5h 40 GMT, Thierry Brault, head of Marc Guillemot’s shore team rang the Vendée Globe Race Headquarter to inform them that Safran has serious keel damage aboard.

The keel has worked loose and has slid down a few centimeters. Marc has managed to secure it to the mast using ropes, which has stabilized it and is carrying on for now, though he admits that it is “rather precarious”. The emergency services have not been alerted.

It’s possible that the damage occurred when Safran had a violent collision with a sea mammal approaching the Kerguelen Islands.