The Weekend That Wasn’t

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The Weekend That Wasn’t

Saturday there was a little breeze and thick fog and Sunday there was no breeze but better visibility. It has been a couple of frustrating days for the media, the Volvo officials, the waiting public and from most accounts the crowds here match and in most cases beat those attending for the other in-ports so far.

But most of all it must have been painfully frustrating for the crews as the boats became, for another day like the proverbial painted ships on a painted ocean. There has never been, all weekend quite enough of all the elements needed to hold the Qingdao in port race.

Yesterday the fog was bearable for most of the morning, then it suddenly rolled in not long before the race start time. Today (Sunday) it was planned to get the boats out early as there was a little breeze but Green Dragon ran aground just inside the harbour entrance. Ericsson who was also heading our quickly applied the breaks and returned to the dock while Green Dragon suffered the ignominy of being stuck on the putty in front of their home crowd for several more minutes.

By the time the distance from sea level to the sea floor was greater than the draft of a VO70 the wind had shut down and so it stayed for the rest of the day.

Good news is that as I write this (2230 local) it is raining outside meaning a shift in the weather so perhaps we will get some action tomorrow with the race scheduled to start at 1020. I had an interesting interview with a couple of the Puma boys earlier today and as soon as I transcribe it I shall send that along.

The personal good news is that tomorrow I shall be reporting from the deck of one of the VO70’s on the days action, hopefully at more than “bobbing” speed.

Shanghai Sailor