All Greek to Them


All Greek to Them

Interview with the Greek Challenge at Louis Vuitton Pacific Series, February 7, 2009

While Alinghi has made a mockery of themselves with an unsportsmanlike decision to not meet ETNZ on the water yesterday without any
prior notice – a decision that wasted the time and resources of race organizers and management, and that greatly disappointed
the viewing public who were looking forward to the match up between the current America’s Cup defender and current Louis Vuitton Cup holder,
other teams have manned up and taken their licks when affected by the (now) controversial ‘no contact’ rule that invokes points penalties in the event that the boats wind up smacking into one another. 

Hardest hit in this competition by the no contact rule
combined with risks of boat failure are perhaps the Greek Challenge.  On day one of Round Robin 1 on Jan 30, the Greek Challenge was penalized
a point when they hit the stern of Alinghi, starting their regatta out in the basement with a -1 on the scoreboard. On day 2 of RR1, the Greeks
went up against the seasoned Shosholoza, who would emerge as fate would have it, as their constant competitor in the series. After a great pre-start where the Greek Challenge forced a port/starboard penalty on Shosholoza, the Greeks went on to win by 58 seconds in a tight race that saw close covering.