Wet Ride to the Rum

On Board

Wet Ride to the Rum

On board STP 65 Rosebud/TeamDYT on the way to Montego Bay in the Pineapple Cup with Malcolm Park.

UPDATE at 0100 EST
We rounded Isaac light at 1930 EST and since then have been making good progress down the track. The wind varies between 9 – 23 TWS and the direction is between 45 and 85. So to say that we are changing gears moment to moment is not an understatement. SLAM SLAM BANG BANG BEAT BEAT….

The 2040 EST update,
All day has been spent with a reef, J4 and GS. As the day has progressed, the wind angles have freed slightly and the wind strength has remained between 17 and 21. So we are moving along nicely and make good progress toward the Eastern end of Cuba and our last view of GITMO that now lays 200 miles ahead.

If all goes to plan, we should be to Cuba in mid morning and then enjoy a spinnaker ride down the channel to Jamaica. It is a great deal of two sail reaching for a 250 mile spinnaker ride but we think it will be worth the trip.