Rookie Rocks


Rookie Rocks

Armel Le Cléac’h crossed the Vendée Globe finishing line this morning after a race time of 89 days 9 hours and 39 minutes 35 seconds of racing, taking into account the 11 hours redress given by the International Jury for his participation in the rescue of Jean Le Cam.

Brit Air completed the famous non stop solo round the world without assistance race in a 17-22-knot breeze cheered home by a big spectator fleet, mostly in motor boats.

This was an incredible performance by a rookie sailor, in his first solo round the world race. Armel finished second in last year’s Transat and had also won the Figaro and AG2R events, but he had never spent longer than 20 days at sea until this Vendée.  

Meanwhile our favorite sailor, Sam Davies, has had a bad time. In her own words “Well, my fears have been confirmed: the easterly option (round the Azores High) was not the best one! Since making the decision, when the forecasts showed I would get around the high to the east, the high pressure decided otherwise, stretching out east quickly. Already committed, my only option was to pass under it and accept the consequences so I could get into the westerly winds as quick as possible. So last night Roxy and I were ‘parked up’ as the high passed over. It was extremely frustrating, but as it is a consequence of my decision, I must deal with it. I had been hoping for a little zephyr to keep moving with, but no luck! Pic of Armel’s finish by Benoit Stitchelbault and more here, including some from Sam.