Epic Fiasco

Local Knowledge

Epic Fiasco

Ep-ic – adjective Also, ep-i-cal. of unusually great size or extent:
fi-as-co – noun, plural -cos, -coes. a complete and ignominious failure.

The above phrase aptly describes Northern California’s premiere sailing ritual at the end of every January. Put on by the Singlehanded Sailing Society of San Francisco, the appropriately named ‘Three Bridge Fiasco’ is a not-to-miss opportunity to test sailing skills that have languished over the holidays – and a chance to wonder why you’re on the water (yet again) in SF Bay…in January.  The race has been designed (is or diabolically developed) to test skill, endurance, local knowledge, drinking capacity, and overall stupidity, for once again, sailing it.  

The 21-miler starts off the city front, with the start / finish line hosted by the Golden Gate Yacht Club.  The marks are: Blackaller Buoy, named after the late Tom Blackaller and located near the South Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, Treasure Island, and Red Rock which is located in the North Bay under the Richmond / San Rafael Bridge. And the most interesting feature of the race – besides the general chaos – is the fact that all marks, as well as the starting line, can be approached from either direction.  The crews are singlehanded or doublehanded, with reverse starts – a pursuit race – ensuring maximum wackiness and passing opportunities.