We sure hope not coz this box contained Puma’s new boom, which arrived in Qingdao on Tuesday.
Kenny Read reckons the shore crew performed miracles, getting the boat ready in temperatures that rarely got above five degrees. The cracks in the longitudinal stringers are fixed and, less than 24 hours after the boom arrived, the boat was rigged and ready and in the water.

Telefonica Blue also went back in the water Wednesday evening Ericsson 4 is expected to follow on Thursday morning and Green Dragon later in the day. Seems Puma’s is not the only shore team to have worked miracles!

Elsewhere (Taiwan), Ericsson 3 has been moved by barge to Hualien, on the central East Coast, where repairs will be carried out before it is shipped to Qingdao, hopefully in time for the Leg 5 start. It seems that the knee problem that put skipper Anders Lewander out of the last leg is fixed, but he has been dumped and Magnus Olsson, who took over for Leg 4, is staying on. Ericsson Racing Team Managing Director, Richard Brisius, said "Being a skipper in this race is a tough job and one that requires highly tuned leadership, and any skipper takes on the job in the full knowledge of the challenge that it poses. Given the tough times ahead for Ericsson 3, we have made the decision to change the dynamic onboard the boat and asked Magnus Olsson to remain as skipper." We’re not sure what to read into that, but it doesn’t sound very complimentary to Lewander.

Telefonica Black is still motor sailing to Singapore, but no decision has yet been made about whether it will be shipped from there to Qingdao or Rio! Pic from Sally Collison and more Puma pix here.