The Un-Regatta

Dinghy Anarchy


From the Bic Boys...
The 2009 O’pen BIC “Un-Regatta” Mid Winters once again turned up the fun meter for hot-shot Opti racers and newbie sailors alike.  Held at Shake-A-Leg Miami in conjunction with the Caviglia Classic, this was not your grandfather’s regatta.  Kids enjoyed the unorthodox courses, compulsory freestyle moves, downwind slalom, and the “Expression Sessions”.  Taking home the overall O’pen BIC Spirit award for the sailor who demonstrated the most fun and sportsmanship was Dellayah Pleasure from Miami.  Course winners were Ian MacDiarmid, Benjamin Kern, and Liza Toppa.  The panel of undistinguished judges gave the hotly contested tandem freestyle to Cameron Grubb and Ian MacDiarmid over several other excellent six minute routines.  

To see the fun at the Mid Winters check out the three minute video and the photo gallery and results can be found here. For more information contact [email protected].