Drawn Together


Drawn Together

From Dave Malusi and our friends at the truly worthy Challenge Mountain. SAYC will be kicking down $500 – we hope it helps.

My friend Jack is a lot like you and me. He has had his challenges in life, his mountains to climb. (One of the “mountains” is Spina Bifida). What makes him a bit different from most of us is how he has skied down those mountains…. seated in a bi-ski! He has skied as long as I have known him. When not on the slopes, Jack gets around with a wheelchair but he hasn’t let that slow him down or keep him from doing much of what he wants to do. Jack is also a sailor.

A few years ago, Jack was taken out on a “sailaround” on my boat through the newly formed watersports program at Challenge Mountain. “CM” is an adaptive ski area in Northern Michigan, near Boyne Falls. Jack’s discovery of sailing has added a new element to his life; one that has grabbed him like it has grabbed most of us. In 2003 CM should have rejected the donation of an old, beat-up Hunter 25. Our decision was nearly final to salvage what parts had value (not many) and dispose of the hull, when Jack and his dad asked if they could try to save the boat. I admit we shook our heads but thought, “why not?”