High Speed Chick

High Speed Chick

Last week we told you how stoked Sailing Anarchy is to be a part of the Tybee 500 as media sponsor of the five-boat Velocity Sailing team – the biggest team in what is undeniably one of the coolest races anywhere.  The Tybee is one part maritime Iron Man, one part shore-break demolition derby, and two parts beach party – pretty much exactly what SA is all about.

The road crew that supports the racers is a massive thing – a convoy of dozens of vehicles and hundreds of support personnel – and it grows as the race goes on.  Groupies, volunteers, and hangers on chase the fleet from stop to stop to party, cheer, and just be a part of something really different. There’s never a lack of bikini-clad babes hanging around the bonfires and pick-up trucks, but chicks on the boats have been sorely lacking – until now.

You might only know Grosse Pointe, MI native Carrie Howe as part of Sally Barkow’s Olympic Yngling team – the same one that picked up a few World Championships, OCR Gold Medals, and match racing titles.  You might know her as that smokin’ hot chick with the lithe, ripped body sailing on Melges 32s and 24s.  But unless you’re a hard core catamaran fan, you probably don’t know that Carrie is regular crew on the Tommy Hillfiger Volvo Extreme 40.  Or that Carrie is a 2-time F-18 North American Champion.  Or that she moved to Holland to live with Dutch multihull specialist and rock star Mischa Heemskerk, and that she was actually out training today.  “It was pretty hard to get things going with the lines completely frozen – everything was rock hard,” Carrie said this afternoon.

So now you know – and now we can tell you that Carrie has now committed to the Tybee 500 as part of the Velocity Roster, and that she’ll likely be sailing with one of the catamaran world’s best dudes – John Casey.  If there’s any chick in the world that can rise to the challenge of this brutal race, it’s this young, sexy sailor chick – and Sailing Anarchy is 100% behind her.

Especially if she’s wearing that tiny bikini she promised us.