Clean Report


We’re more or less finished with our 2009 Key West OTW Anarchy presented by Quantum Sails coverage, and this week we recover from bruised egos, battered livers, and a stunning lack of sleep.  But we’ll still squeeze a little blood from the biggest stone of the winter, since we know that most of you have nothing else to do but wait for the super bowl and pray for an early spring, and because Key West is just such a cool place to sail and party.

Our Girls of Key West Race Week thread suffered from the weather – but maybe the lack of bikinis and prevalence of bulky foulies is for the best – showcasing the real skill of the women that add so much to racing rather than their mammary talents.  Meredith Block and Sara Proctor may both be talented young marine photographers – but they didn’t shoot exactly what I would’ve.  Anyway, enjoy it.

Our sponsors stepped it up, our crew stepped it up, and while we had our share of technical glitches and other drama, Petey Crawford is going to be a great addition to the OTW crew.  As OTW Anarchy develops into the perfect regatta coverage solution, Petey’s skill with a camera and the technology that goes into broadcasting will be invaluable to turning this into what we all want it to be.  Special thanks to Jonathan and Heather at Iniki.com for helping us with all sorts of PITA stuff like players and compression and FTP servers, and if you like feature-length videos of high-performance sailing, check out Petey’s DVD offerings and pick one up, or go to Penalty Box Productions to book him for your next event. 

Petey is putting together a longer highlight reel that tells the real story of our week – you’ll see it as soon as I do.  Until then, you can see his higher-res videos from each day right here.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

And finally, thanks once again to the folks that got us what we needed to make OTW Anarchy happen:  Quantum Sails, Point Loma Outfitting, Santa Cruz Yachts, Latis Yachting Solutions, Melges Performance Sailboats, Flying Tiger Boats, Dax OneTouch Winch Handles, and HBI Boats.