Deceptive Advertising

Channel Island

Deceptive Advertising

Props to Heineken for this one. Here’s the translation:

Interviewer on radio:
So, Ton, this is the 26th week of your solo voyage, how is it going?

Ton, the sailor:Well, it is really very cold indeed. Last night we had some serious damage. I was up all night dealing with it. I have to get through the Bering Straight before the pack ice closes in, but I am hanging in here.

Interviewer: Well, we have some good news for you – your sponsor is here!

Sponsor: Ton, we are going to extend your contract – congratulations!

Ton: Well, I really needed that (begins to cry). It is really getting too much – camera stops.

Ton, coming outside: Biertje (“get me a beer”)

Ton, slightly shocked as he picks up a beer from the cooler: Ouch, that’s cold…

Thanks to anarchist Graeme for the vid and Hugo for the translation..