Get ‘er Done

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Get ‘er Done

So, you want to do a Sydney  to Hobart race? Think you can get that fill in the blank 50′ ready? Ragtime skipper Chris Welsh gives you an idea of what was required to get Rags up to snuff. Wow…

  • Cat I Safety Standards.
  • New overlay windows because the windows are
    deemed too thin.
    New washboards.
  • A new heavy weather racing main with
    double reef down to maybe 40%. New storm sails, not Transpac "Lite" storm sails, but the real deal, dyed day-glo orange.
  • A new carbon #4,
    and a new 2.2 ounce 80% ASO chute.
  • New chainplate bolts up sized from
    3/8" to 1/2".
  • A new stove to comply with Aussie gas regulations.
  • 11
    Epirbs (9 new), one for the boat, and one per crew member.
  • Two First
    Aid certified crew members, five crew with ISAF Cat I Safety at Sea
    certificates (American Safety at Sea cert’s refused).
  • Two radio
    licensed crew.
  • A $5MM of liability insurance.
  • Something like 18 Aussie
    navigational charts, $500 worth in all.
  • Rewiring the depth sounder,
    and making sure temperature is available (the currents along the race
    course have different sea temperature).
  • Hull insurance coverage
    extended to cover racing in Oz.
  • ABS certifications from the naval
    architect and most recent boatyard visits.
  • Stability certification via
    the IMS certificate, and further signed off by the owner as still
    being applicable.
  • Crew histories. Receipt of an invitation to race
    (you sign up for a request for entry).

And there is more!