SA Exclusive


Yesterday in the height of the storm, something unseen happened. A dialogue started between some of the competitors with the suggestion to cancel this leg. Of course every team has to think in its own interest, but it was unbelievable to see what suggestions were forwarded to the Race Committee,and how they wanted to divide points. We as a Telefónica team signed up for this race and knew like all the others, that this was potentially going to be the leg of hell. We knew when we started in Singapore that this weather was going to happen. We saw max 55 knots, yes breeze on and on the nose, no fun at all, but it is like the Hobart Race, you know what you are in for. So we didn’t got involved and happy to see that the Race Committee did not give in. This is an ocean race and it has to stay that way!

So all is well on Telefónica Blue. No damage and we are in the lead, but the ERT boats will gain rapidly as they have lifted breeze behind and we are still beating. But no complaining from my side, we could have been in a worse situation, with damage for example, and I am happy that we sailed 60 miles on the wrong tack last night, no crystal ball, but I am not sure we would had survived the monster waves. So the wind is gone, but the next threat is lurking, temperatures well below zero (Celsius), and who said we aren’t having fun!