Puma’s bid to win this fourth leg of the VOR race to Qingdao,China is shot. They broke their boom in over 50
knots of wind and 20 feet high waves – the crew were able to save two broken sections
of the boom and are putting together a jury rig boom with which they intend
to continue to race the remaining 1,100 miles. The team have sought shelter
in a small harbor in the northern end of the Philippines, where they are
waiting until the worst of the storm passes.

Thanks to Rick Deppe/PUMA Ocean Racing/Volvo
Ocean Race for the above.

More: Team Delta Lloyd, sailing in fourth position, damaged the main and steering in the. It occurred while putting a third reef in stormy weather. At that moment, the Dutch/Irish entry was beating up the coast of the Philippines. After the incident, skipper Roberto Bermúdez de Castro (ESP) and his crew decided to take shelter and anchored in a Philippine bay. They took the 12 hour penalty and will wait until the worst of the storm has gone by.

With the ferocity of these conditions, there may be more carnage. Stay tuned…