Endless Leaders


Endless Leaders

We can’t keep up with this crazy upwind leg from Singapore to China. Seems that every time we check, a guy on a different boat is saying how great it is to be in front!

First thing this morning, Ken Read was bemoaning the evaporation of Puma’s lead. Then we had Ericsson 3 navigator, Aksel Magdahl, congratulating himself on his tactics paying off, as the boat was in front of the whole pack and could see Ericsson 4, Telefónica Blue and Puma behind. Then Green Dragon reported great progress, with Ericsson 4 “being left playing catch up” at the back of the fleet!

Maybe we should just give up trying to follow this stuff and wait until the guys hit the big breeze. According to Bouwe Bekking “The race will be decided right there.” Pic from Gabriele Olivio/Telefonica and more here.