The memorial service for Nick Scandone was held in Newport Beach on Sunday. Anarchist hikeharder sends this report.

The day was perfect – 80+ degrees in January! BYC was jam packed, no parking on Bayside anywhere… there must have been 500 people there. They had a nice ceremony on the water out back – fired three canons that must have scared the crap out of the duffy crowd… and then they two-blocked the burgee in Nick’s honor.

Following the formal ceremony, there was an open mic inside and many people recounted tales of junior sailing, surfing, fishing, skiing, and laughing with nick. Speakers included Mary Kate and her brother, M Pinkney, Betsy Allison, Jaime Malm (who read a ridiculously sad, but cool letter from J Pinkney who committed to be at KWRW long ago), Rock his brother, Mark Gaudio, etc., etc., etc. Very, very cool day to honor a very special guy.

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