Wrong Message?

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Wrong Message?

Marissa Lihan, 17, of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. won the girls Laser Radial class of the 2009 US Sailing ISAF Youth World Qualifier on a tiebreaker over Emily Billing, 17, of Clearwater, Fla., but only after winning a protest over her life jacket. It turns out she wasn’t wearing a USCG approved life jacket, got protested, but the jury let her walk with a warning.

Now we don’t think that she should have gotten flicked for something so inconsequential to the results on the water, but this ruling just set the precedent that you can wear a non-USCG life jacket, especially in a US Sailing Championship, and all that happens is you get a warning. Doesn’t US Sailing make parents and kids sign waiver after waiver, and assume a lot of control over the kids – but yet they aren’t inspecting life jackets, which are required to be USCG certified?

Looks like yet again a little house cleaning is in order, but why do we have to be the ones bringing this up? Seems like this sort of thing shouldn’t even be an issue, but here it is. Jump in the discussion