Lonely ‘Bud


Lonely ‘Bud

So during today’s KWRW OTW report, Mr. Clean saw Rosebud sailing all by themselves in IRC Div 1 and commented: Here’s Rosebud, all by her lonesome, looking like practice day. These guys are just ridiculously good – but it sure seems boring.
Here’s Rosebud’s perspective:

Clean asks a legitimate question about whether it is boring to sail around by ourselves but there is a logical answer. It takes a long time to put together a team as good a that which we have onboard Rosebud. If we do not sail and train, the team will dispurse and the program will loose all the knowledge we have gained over the past 2 years.

It is impossible to pull the boat out of storage and rock up to a major regatta and hope for a satisfactory result. We have just finished a complete refit of the boat since our return from the Med. We are now in the process of discovering how the changes we have made to the boat have changed the performance and handling of the boat.

We had a great race from Fort Lauderdale to KW and now we are learing about getting the boat around the cans. To be honest, KW is very limiting for us because of how short the legs are (2 Miles) and how shallow it is. Today in the first race, we could only sail for about 2 minutes off the start line on starboard before we would hit bottom. We had the same limitation at the top mark. However, maybe this distraction is good practice for Cowes???

Regardless, the KW Feeder and KWRW will help to prepare us better for the Jamaica race in 2 weeks and for the rest of 2009.

Rosebud/ Team DYT