Keep Digging

Keep Digging

Our Anarchy Challenge team managed to put together the huge pile of documentary evidence demanded by ACM in order to determine the seriousness of our challenge for the 33rd America’s Cup, and the next step is for their legal team to “carry out a careful and comprehensive review of the documents and reply in due course.”  Our submission was flawless and completely met their requests, and there’s nothing left to do but wait and see how long “in due course” means.

Today we requested that ACM clarify a number of issues in order for us to feel comfortable about sending 50,000 Euro to Switzerland, writing that it would be irresponsible to our members to disburse a huge chunk of change for such a nascent team when “the Event Regulations governing the event have largely expired and have not been updated (as to our knowledge), a definitive location commitment for the event has not been made (as to our knowledge), a sponsor for the event has not been named (as to our knowledge), the racing dates and formats have not been determined (as to our knowledge), the base location and logistics arrangements have not been established (as to our knowledge), and ia boat design rule has not been finalized (as to our knowledge).”

We also noted that, according to a release by Defender Alinghi, “the two pre-regattas scheduled for 2009 are to be compulsory for all entered teams, regardless of the expected court decision in New York.”  This literally means that, should GGYC’s appeal be granted, all competitors may still be required to attend two non-America’s Cup regattas – a strange result indeed, and potentially an expensive and nonsensical commitment for teams that are signing on to an America’s Cup event.  And we noted that we couldn’t find a single piece of documented language that provides for a refund of entry fees in the case that GGYC’s appeal is granted – again, a strange result, and one that introduces a level of uncertainty that does not allow us to spend our contributors’ funds in good faith and conscience.

We spent considerable time and money demonstrating the good faith and bona fides of the Anarchy Challenge to ACM. Our challenge will bring much-needed exposure to the millions of sailors who have lost interest in the America’s Cup, either through the current legal morass or due to the ultra-corporate and professional nature of the modern Cup.  These potential fans, all over the world, have been looking for a team they can truly identify with – and we hope to become that team.

Will ACM listen?  We will know soon.  Or in due course – whichever comes first.

While we wait for word from the Swiss Alps, please consider donating to the Anarchy Challenge if you are able. At this point, only you can make this happen. With the wealth of talent in this community, it could be a hell of a team, as your Commodore explained in this interview.