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Key West Race Week is all about buoy racing, but the real offshore studs bring their boat to town on her own bottom, preferably straight from Fort Lauderdale with the afterburners lit.  Wednesday afternoon was the start of the Lauderdale to Key West feeder race, a tough event that can include anything from a N’ly blast to a cracked off reach in 12 foot seas and 30 knots of wind.  This year’s race includes a few TP52s as well as some IRC beasts, and a pile of random boats like the Swan 53 Dragon Fly Plus.  From Anarchist Sol Rosenberg on board the Swan:

Uneventful start, with 10 knots from the North – starboard gybe on the start.  After that there were many, many gybes to get to Miami, with fewer since.  I got a break from a long kite trim session between Miami and Fowey, and there’s already a big protest brewing over whether the “string rule” spplies between Miami and Fowey or just from Fowey on.  Friggin’ Northerners can’t read sailing instructions.  Lots of boats protested.  A big Northbound current at the sea buoy sent many inshore.  Gotta run – a championship dump is brewing.

And Later:

I just finished a 2 hour helm shift, playing with the Open 40 and the King 40 in the light – down to 4.8 knots windspeed.  Yeoman missed the Miami Sea Buoy and went back to round it properly.  They passed us at the end of my shift.  “Rosenberg, Yeoman is driving that thing right up your ass,” said someone.
“Sounds like bad luck for him,” I answered.

There’s a scratch sheet here, and already a pile of pics in the thread – whatever info sneaks out of the race will end up there.