Local knowledge


Here we are in beautiful Port Lincoln where the first days racing was blown out by extreme northerly winds and searing heat. By contrast, yesterdays Invitation race was a tame affair in benign conditions; well won by Alec and Samantha Bailey from Hobart in Red Baron. Our kids, Jack and Jess sailed a great race in the lighter winds, moving up from 22nd at the first windward mark to snatch 12th place in a thrilling finish. See result link below.

Today is a very different story. Flat calm conditions were quickly replaced by a raging hot northerly front that hit hard mid morning and saw the racing for the day called off. Many of the Yacht Club Volunteers who are running the event are also volunteer firefighters who are now risking life and limb to save their town. We watched in horror from our Marina apartment the raging fires that have destroyed two houses and a couple of Fish processing plants. We have watched continuous flights over the fire by the water bombing planes as they attempt to quell the inferno with huge water drops.

As you can see from the accompanying photo, it’s all a bit too close for comfort with the fire front only about 1Km away from our apartment. During this surreal afternoon we have seen seals and dolphins frolicking in the marina, seemingly oblivious to the carnage all around. A southerly wind change is predicted soon which will send the fire back towards the town but we should be safe here with water all around us and a RIB on our dock in which we can escape if things get too dangerous to stay. Invitation race results. – Sportscar.