Race Report


From the Portimao Global Race:

Throughout Monday, Felipe Cubillos and José Muñoz on Desafio Cabo de Hornos in the continued to poll higher speeds than the German race leaders, Boris Herrmann and Felix Oehme aboard Beluga Racer, further eroding the distance deficit between the two Class 40s. At midnight GMT last night, the Chileans trailed the race leader by 65 miles as the German team began to pick up pace, squeezing 11 knots from Beluga Racer and in this morning’s 0620GMT poll, Herrmann and Oehme have stabilised their lead at 71 miles, but are averaging just one knot faster than the Chileans.

On Beluga Racer, Oehme is already anticipating landfall, just 348 miles to the north-east: “With each degree we head east, it’s becoming warmer,” he wrote in a message late yesterday. “It has been exactly four weeks since the beginning of Leg 2 and we have crossed 120 degrees of Longitude and have almost reached the halfway point in our circumnavigation of the globe. We both feel we’re already nearing our goal as the miles click down on the GPS and it’s a really noticeable change after 6,900 miles of racing.” Despite the proximity of the finish line, the German duo are still aware that the ascent to Wellington is, potentially, a meteorological minefield: “For the next few days, we expect the conditions to moderate and our main concern is not to become stuck in light airs like the weekend,” continues Oehme. “The last few days have been really pleasant and drama-free, the boat isn’t showing any signs of fatigue or damage and she’s eating up the miles remaining to Wellington.” H owever, the German duo are acutely aware of the threat currently lurking off their port quarter: “Until we get there, though, we have to keep our eyes open for any Chilean tricks and areas of weak wind.”