Booty Call


Booty Call

So the church of the SAYC AC Challenge is passing the collection plate, and to the surprise of the naysayers, but not us, we have received over $13,000.00 in just a couple days – most all of it small (and some not so small) donations from the community. Great job people and keep the ball in play!  We of course immediately allocated a good portion of the funds to the first SAYC AC Party, which took place last night. Sorry if you didn’t get an invite. We kid. All funds will be going into an escrow account, as we are moving forwrd to have this challenge as together and above board as we can. We’re going ahead with this and have some really great people helping us.

The SA AC Challenge is of course a long shot, but so was SA in the first place. Nothing happens unless we try, and in order to get to the next step we have to take this first one.

We’re getting there, jump in and contribute if you can.