Put Up or Shut Up

Put Up or Shut Up

That’s what Lucien Masmejean told us last week when he gave us less than a week to send a pile of paperwork and money to Switzerland to be considered for entry into the regatta that may be the 33rd America’s Cup.

You Anarchists have been nearly unanimous in your support of the Anarchy Challenge, so we’re ready to take the next step.  That involves the Ed and counsel running around on ACM’s scavenger hunt, but you’ve got a a part to play as well:  You’ve got to fund it.

We need to raise the 50,000 Euro entry fee.  We need to put up or shut up.  We do not intend to part with the fee until we know that we’re signing on to the actual America’s Cup – if we are rejected or if a BMW/Alinghi DoGfight makes the whole thing moot, that money will be the seed of Anarchy Challenge’s future.  It may fund a Sailor Chicks match racing team, or a Bermuda Gold Cup campaign, or maybe something far less conventional – but it will only be used in accordance with our mission as the “people’s challenge.”

We have heard from the industrialists and the billionaires.  We have heard from the traditionalists, and the commercialists – and under their stewardship, the America’s Cup has gone from one of the most prestigious of all prizes to a symbol of greed, hubris, and excess.  Now it’s time for our voices to be heard.

The volume of our message is entirely up to you.  It could die to a whimper in weeks, or it could continue to swell, buoyed by the community’s desire to see the status quo blown away.  How far can we go?  That’s entirely up to you.

The Anarchy Challenge represents every sailor that’s tired of the public’s perception of our ‘elitist sport’.  We’re tired of club politics, bureaucratic bullshit, and people whose presence makes the sport something less enjoyable than it should be.  We’re sick of exclusionist attitudes, reactionary thinking, and the voice of the privileged few drowning out the people that actually make the sport happen.  We are that voice, and we love sailing above all else.

Stand with us.

You can find the donation page for the Anarchy Challenge right here.  Dig deep.