Our favourite solo skipper, Sam Davies, is round Cape Horn but only after a scary 24 hours in hellish conditions that had Sam frightened for the first time on the race, after a big, 50 knot squall knocked Roxy over. “I have had 50 knot winds” said Sam “so it was a relief to see the Rock, as the boat went right over during the night. I had to wait for the wind to drop to 40 knots to gybe. Now we still have 42 knots with the boat sailing at peak speeds of 25 knots on the waves.  I am a bit sad though to leave the Pacific after such a great voyage.”

Marc waiting, Arnaud persevering, Dee worrying, Brian eating

Marc Guillemot is doing a pretty good job of hanging on, not too far behind Sam, given that his mainsail track trouble mean he can only sail with 3 reefs. Right now, that isn’t slowing him too much in the tough conditions and he is waiting to do repairs after the Horn; probably in the Flklands, where he should be able to pick up a mooring.

Like Sam, Arnaud Boissieres has a 10 year old boat and has been doing a good job of keeping up with Dee Caffari’s new Aviva. To be fair, though, Dee has serious mainsail troubles. One side has been delaminating for thousands of miles and now the “good” side has the same problems. Her worry is that the sail will completely disintegrated in the 50 knot winds that are forecast to lie ahead.  

You might think Brian Thompson would also be worried, given that his new Pindar seems to be progressively cracking up, but this is one laid back guy. Having found yet more cracks, in yet another beam, Brian’s reaction was to phone for advice and then settle down to chicken dhansak whilst the experts decided what he should do! This pic from Sam, more Vendee pix here.