More than three weeks has passed since we filed SAYC’s challenge for the 33rd America’s Cup with ACM, and tonight we finally received an answer to our Notice of Entry for the event.  ACM’s Lucien Masmejean writes that “serious questions have been raised regarding the bona fide and eligibility of your challenge.”  Lucien then goes on to list 9 requirements that SAYC has to fulfill over the next 6 days in order to even be considered for the 33rd Cup – and that list includes some truly bizarre tasks.  Apparently an ordinary notarization isn’t good enough for ACM – we have to get a Hague Apostille seal on whatever documents we file in order to be considered – whatever that is.  We also still need to come up with the 50 grand that some teams had waived, and ACM was conspicuously silent about our request for information regarding who paid that fee and who didn’t.  Interestingly, Team China might be on our side about the fee – today, they proposed that, “no team be required to incur expenditure until there is clarification and confirmation on who is hosting the event, where it is to be held, and what boats we are required to build.”

We knew that Alinghi had no intention of letting us compete, and Paco, their Comms. guy, told us as much just a couple of days after we filed.  Rather than just rejecting us, ACM chose to pretend that they weren’t rejecting us by giving us less than a week to put together a pile of cash and documents and get all the originals to the front door of the SNG in Lake Geneva.

Can we do it?  Probably.  Should we?  I’m inclined to respond to ACM with just two words: “Eat me.” But this isn’t my challenge – it’s yours.  What do you think?