Poor E Scows

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Poor E Scows

Our question of the week about whether GPS’ should be allowed in the E Scow class has found a wonderful answer. Thanks to anarchist Henry McCray. Good times…

Cost prohibitive? Wow. Lets just take a minute to look back on the cost prohibitive decisions this fleet has made in the last five years, or even more. Beginning with ruddergate the E Scow fleet decided that changing the shape, angle, and configuration of the rudders was ok. No problem if you own an older boat- you can buy the new ones, and have them factory installed. Just $2000 or so and you are competitive again!

Now that everyone agrees that was a good idea lets change the mast. All you have to do is get rid of your running backstays, buy new spreaders and bracket, move your chainplates, change your jib halyard system, and bingo! Off you go to the races. Cost? Depends on how good you are with fiberglass and metal working, but let’s just say people would have loved to do that conversion for $400.

With our newly configured standing rigging and competitive rudders it is time to apply for a second mortgage on our house to go A Sail. All we need is a retractable bow sprit and a new sail! You wouldn’t buy just one new sail for a national championships, would you? So after the $2k for the new spar and another $5k for new sails you are again, good to go. Forget about the payment on the Suburban to tow the boat and crew, the entry fees, or the hotel costs! You have already spent over $10,000 to get your boat ready for racing so what the hell- go ahead and book the Westin!

You are looking at a $50,000 dingy by the time you get all the goodies. And $400 is cost prohibitive? Like I said, WOW. Read on.