Say What?


Say What?

“What is outrageous to me is that Bertarelli basically formed his own yacht club to be a challenger and, therefore, he could pick who would be the Challenger against him, not through a normal competition, or not through a Deed of Gift challenge. He could set his own rules that way and I thought that was a bit over the top and felt he was being wholly outrageous in giving himself so much power.”

“He was trying to duplicate what the New York Yacht Club did in the 1800s, so he could keep the Cup for the next 200 years and make a great deal of money off it.”

“By putting the venue up for auction, he can make 3, or 4 hundred million dollars out of it, or maybe quite a bit more. So he wanted that, for sure; any businessman would look at that and say “That’s a no brainer.”

“Bertarelli would have put the event in any part of the world, where he thought he had a better probability of winning than in Valencia.”

“Whoever would pay the most would get it.”

Are these comments by AC Anarchy posters? Not this time! This is from America’s Cup winner Bill Koch and he has a lot more to say, including some stuff SA hadn’t heard about, like Koch’s version of why Coutts left Alinghi. It isn’t often we miss something. Read the rest of his stuff is right here.