Reader Rant


Sometimes I wish that there was more info on the front page about smaller boats that don’t require a huge budget to sail and race! Here is my little story and our plans! I understand that this isn’t big news but just an example of what would be cool to see!

Thunderbird Sailing Club Located on Lake Thunderbird near Norman, OK is not a big club and isn’t a very serious racing club but a few times a month during the warmer months a dedicated group of racers make it out to the water and do battle with each other.  The fleet is not a tight OD fleet but the competition can be pretty tight. Leading the fleet usually is a Santana 20 that was bought at a garage sale, a close second is usually a San Juan 21 that is well known as the Great Pumpkin because of its…. interesting orange color. A new addition to the racing fleet is another Santana 20 that a local college student has worked hard to get up to speed, it was found sitting in a driveway after sitting for 10 years. The rest of the fleet is a mixture of other boats that range from a few Catalina 22’s and a couple of Flying Scotts.

Once again this is not the most intense racing fleet ever but groups of racers like this are what make our sport possible for many people sailing on smaller budgets. Some might argue that the racing is not as serious as it is at other yacht clubs but I think everyone on the course during their final few races of this past year would argue against you, and when one of the the die hard Catalina sailors finally took home the traveling trophy this year after 8 years of racing and not winning I do not think are many who could argue that their races were not important to at least those involved!

Like I said, that is just a sample of the kind of stuff I would like to see on occasion. It would be cool to hear about some smaller clubs. This is based on my home club but I am sure there are hundreds all around the world just like it


So how ’bout it – got a similar story? Send it in.