Building a Better Spade

Big Pimpin’

Building a Better Spade

While spade rudders may not be the sexiest things to come out of our shop (CCI, formerly known as Phil’s Foils), our reputation for building a great product seems to be spreading.  And we’ve developed techniques that allow us to build our custom one-offs at a price point that is competitive with OEM molded blades. That is one of our C&C37R rudders being sprayed with primer.

In these economically challenging times, many of us are faced with getting more out of what we have got already. Our sailboats are no different. A new CCI rudder can transform your boat for price appropriate dollars. Lose pounds, get better feel, reduce maintenance, improve lift, reduce drag and re-learn the joy of driving your boat. Old rudders often have large voids in the foam, heavy weight skins soaked in polyester resin (and frequently dry fibers too), and water saturated foam. That ain’t fast!

You can see more of our work at www.fastcomposites.ca , email Dave at [email protected] or give us a call at (613) 599-6951 to discuss your needs.  Now is the time to get that new rudder in our production schedule for spring (or fall series for southern hemisphere folks!)