Anarchy, Bird Style

Local knowledge

Anarchy, Bird Style

What is anarchy? If there’s anybody that be doing it we be doing it in the Great Northwest with the illegal bowsprit and asym shit we be doing with the classic T-birds. Check the blog tbird333.com as we articulate the sprit.

The performance difference is incredible compared to the legal T-bird chute.  Not only is it much more powerful but the boat stabilizes and is quite solid–much less pitching and rolling than the symmetrical chute.   Quick bit of history:  The T-birds used to have small chutes and then owners began buying used J-24 chutes and poles.  Eventually a rule was passed so that the J-24 chutes were legalized.  Now we are playing with J80 chutes which require retrofitting a bowsprit.  First guy to do it is here,  Only two birds have done it, Owl and Valkyrie and both have articulating bowsprits. – Anarchist Tim.

Speaking of local knowledge, we want to hear what’s going on in your world. A regatta, new boat, something weird, drunken punch out in the parking lot, whatever. Send it in and you get one of our brand new black SA hats. Oh yeah.