Not Well

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Not Well

True anarchist Magnus Wheatley, from the late, great Rule 69, comes the first of his new monthly feature for the rest of us anarchists.

For a sport that is so dedicated to moving forwards it’s almost depressing to survey the backward motion that sailing appears to be witnessing through gross mis-management and incredibly poor public relations. I liken our governing body, ISAF, to Lehman brothers where a bunch of buffoons at the very top are almost beyond reproach by the people they serve and seem hell bent on leading the sport down a path to certain annihilation – and we all just sit back and let them get away with it.

The grumblings at yacht clubs around the world is now replaced with shrugging of shoulders and long sighs. Well hold on – it is sites like SA that are there for the voices to be heard and for change to happen. I for one won’t let them get away with it. Just what were they thinking with the Olympic classes for 2012? It’s an absolute scandal of epic proportions. By ignoring every suggestion from their sub-committees (why oh why does it all have to be so complicated) they have painted themselves into a horrible corner that ill reflects the demands from the grass roots. Who on earth sails 470’s anymore? Who can afford to sail a Star? And what the f*ck is the fat boy Finn still doing in there? This pathetic pandering to weight limits and the ridiculous national body set-up and voting procedures is ruining the Olympic classes and we are stuck with the same old ridiculous classes, the same old sailors and the same old tune for another four years.