Goth Cruise?

Something Completely Different

Goth Cruise?

For some reason, we liked this one….

Grab your eyeliner, dust off your black leather trousers and prepare for IFC’s riotous black celebration. An unusual cruise ship takes 150 British and American Goths as they sail around the Caribbean for five days on the recent 4th Annual Goth Cruise. The week long jaunt includes a masquerade ball, a fashion show, a charity art-auction, moonlight swims, ‘Club Goth at sea’ events and formal dining.  More traditional cruise pursuits include shuffleboard and a shore visit to the tropical port of Bermuda.

You will also get to experience the famous Whitby Goth Festival in the UK (the birthplace of Goth). The documentary follows a gaggle of British Goths (some cruise veterans, some virgins) in their home environment, then follows them to the U.S. to meet their American counterparts. From there these two groups embark on their Caribbean tour. However, there isn’t only tension between the 150 Goths and 2,500 non-Goths (“Norms”) onboard this luxury cruise ship of the damned. As one Goth Cruiser says: “Cruises attract two particular types of people: the morbid, and the morbidly obese.” Read the story.