Against All Odds


Against All Odds

Few would have believed an expensive ocean race like the Sydney-Hobart could actually increase entries with the kind of economic issues gripping Australia and the rest of the world, but the CYCA pulled it off anyway.  We plan on being in front of our computers to watch the live start tomorrow along with a few hundred thousand others, but if you want to make it really interesting, here’s something you might not have known if you’re not Aussie:  The bookmaking on this race is huge.  Millions of dollars worth of bets are placed through internet sports books on Line Honors, whether a new record will be set, head to head results of specific boats, and much more.  Why not?  Check out the current line on Betfair – Wild Oats X1 is at 1.23 to 1 for first to finish – not a surprise there.

We’re cheering for another worthy entry – the interesting Swiss-owned Nivelt 50 cruiser  Pachamama, a  part of the TOPtoTOP expedition project. The first Swiss yacht to enter the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Pachamama’s sail is part of ”the first expedition using only nature’s force to cross the seven seas and reach the summit of the higher mountain on each continent.”

They write that the boat is “an example for the cruising world, showing what is possible with renewable technologies only.  Pachamama is sailing under the patronage of the United Nations Environment Program. For more information on the Top to Top Expedition log on to www.toptotop.org.” Go get ’em, hippies!