Kick Ass Key West

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Kick Ass Key West

Are you ready for a full week of the ultimate procrastination in January?  You’d better be, as we will be bringing you our biggest and baddest production of On-The-Water Anarchy ever.  We’ve got the core team of Clean, Mer, and Vegas on board the Anarchy Express, and they’ve pulled together a group of volunteers ready to bring you all the live video, photo, and written action that you’ve come to expect from them – on the water and on that crazy rock known as Key West, Florida.

We promised you a surprise too, and it’s a good one considering the one thing that OTW Anarchy has been missing –  high quality videos.  To that end, Clean recruited former Hollywood cameraman and scow/iceboat racer Petey Crawford to shoot in Key West, adding his touch to the live video action.  Petey’s Penalty Box Productions is responsible for the best Melges 24 footage ever shot, the historic A-Scow documentary “The Ultimate Ride”, and some great DN iceboat videos, and he’ll be putting together a nightly reel of each day’s highlights like you’ve never seen at this event.  Petey’s got more of a hard core taste in music than that Muzak-loving ‘other’ videographer out there – and after seeing Petey’s work at this event, he might just decide to hang up his helicopter.

Most importantly, these tough times call for smart marketing, and OTW Anarchy’s Key West Report will reach more sailors than any other publication could hope to over the next few weeks, and for significantly less than the other options.  There is still time to become an Advertiser/Supporter for Key West – download our advertising plan here, and get in touch with us immediately to find out the specific plans and rates and reserve your spot!