Money Go Round, Part II


Money Go Round, Part II

Commentary on US Olympic Sailing Funding
By Dean Brenner
Chairman, US Olympic Sailing Program

Earlier this week there was a piece on this site taking the Olympic Sailing Program, and US Sailing, to task for providing what was described as “paltry” funding for our Olympic sailors in 2006. The piece referred to US Sailing’s own Form 990 on its tax return, and highlighted that only $100,000 was given to the sailors. The piece also highlighted that US Sailing claimed revenue in 2006 for its Olympic Program of $2,700,000. The whole point of the piece was to highlight that of a $2.7million budget, ONLY $100,000 was given to athletes. This supposed fact was used as proof positive that the people who lead US Sailing (of which I am one) and US Olympic Sailing (that’s me) are incompetent, and can’t be trusted.

I’m going to give you the real facts, because I am proud of our Program, our committee and what we have accomplished over the last four years.

First of all, was the information included in the piece correct? Yes, we did give out that $100,000, in those amounts and to those athletes. But the information was far from complete. That $100,000 is only a fraction of the funding and the support that we provided for our athletes in 2006.