Keeping Up With the Globe

Keeping Up With the Globe

With all the drama of late, the Vendée Globe has gotten a bit confusing. Here’s our up-to-the-minute (as of Friday, anyway) list of the who, the where, and the broken.

Akena Vérandas – Arnaud Boissières: 13th and could be 12th soon as he is only 12 miles behind Dee Caffari and has been travelling faster today. Pretty good considering her boat is around 10 years younger!

Algimouss Spirit of Canada – Derek Hatfield: Had to head back to Les Sables on November 10 with electrical problems. Restarted next day and maintained a steady, but not scintillating pace to get up to 17th place. This is probably the second lowest budget boat in the race, after Steve White.

Aquarelle.com – Yannick Bestaven: Dismasted and retired on November 11.

Artemis – Jonny Malbon: Still in there, which is more than a lot of Anarchists thought he’d be at this stage. Now 15th.