61 knots! And then….

61 knots! And then….

Translated via our forums: The Hydroptère has reached a speed of 61 knots spectacular peak this morning during his first run.

Wind conditions were very tough, 35-38 knots of wind gusts and established more than 45. The water was not as flat as day prédédent, making navigation difficult and dangerous. The burst, which led to this extraordinary speed, unfortunately entaîné the capsizing of the Hydroptère.

“The gale was very violent, the Hydroptère was full accéléraltion to more than 61 knots when it crashed and then capsized,” says Alain Thébault briefly while organizing towing the boat with his teammates. All are doing with minor injuries.

The trimaran will be towed to Fos on Wednesday, as soon as conditions permit. Join the thread.  Photo Gilles Martin-Raget / Hydroptere.