Standing By/Laying Down


Standing By/Laying Down

At 2300 UTC, fellow Vendée Globe skipper Marc Guillemot arrived close to Yann Eliès’ Generali and will remain on station until the arrival of the Royal Australian Navy’s Type Anzac Frigate HMAS Arunta. He reached the injured skipper after sailing close to 100 miles. 

A specialist medical team is on board HMAS Arunta, which left at around 1800GMT and could, weather permitting, take as little as 40 hours to reach Generali’s position, which was approximately 1100 miles SSE of Perth, towards the end of Saturday afternoon.

Guillemot is less than 100 metres away and has spoken to Yann via the iridium phone. He said “Yann is visibly reassured at having me close by and I’ve been able to reassure his wife and two children. They know I won’t let him down, I will stay close by and do all I can whilst waiting for help to arrive.

Marc will not attempt to transfer across from Safran to Generali, unless there is a change in the injured skipper’s conditions, or the risk to him increases.  

Yann is still in great pain and has not been able to bring himself to leave his bunk, by the chart table, and reach the morphine tablets that are in his first aid kit, about 2 metres away. He has been able to sleep a little and has taken a little nourishment. He has concentrated lemon juice, concentrated milk and some cereal bars within reach.  Archive photo from Gilles Martin-Raget.